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A teen was lost for over 2 days in Canada’s wilderness, authorities say. Her story has a happy ending | CNN

CNN  —  A teen hiker who became separated from her group in one of British Columbia’s largest parks has been found safe after going missing for over two days, Canadian authorities announced. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said Friday that Esther Wang, 16, was healthy, happy and reunited with her family after getting lost in […]

Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro barred from running for office for 8 years | CNN

CNN  —  Brazil’s highest electoral court has barred former President Jair Bolsonaro from running for political office until 2030, after finding him guilty of abusing his power and misusing public media during last year’s election campaign. Five out of seven judges found the former president guilty, effectively ending any hope of a political comeback in […]

On-air claims about Dominion Voting Systems were false, Fox News says in statement

Members of the public wait to enter the Leonard Williams Justice Center where the Dominion Voting Systems defamation trial against FOX News is taking place on April 18 in Wilmington, Delaware. (Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images) The court is back in session after a lunch break and opening statements are expected to begin soon in the historic […]

24-year-old suspect charged with stabbing 3 people during gender studies class at Canada’s University of Waterloo in ‘hate-motivated’ attack, police say | CNN

CNN  —  A 24-year-old student has been charged with stabbing three people during a gender studies class at the University of Waterloo in Canada this week in what police are calling a “hate-motivated incident.” The suspect, Geovanny Villalba-Aleman, is an international student who recently graduated from the university, Waterloo Regional Police Service Chief Mark Crowell […]

‘Presumed human remains’ found in wreckage of doomed Titan submersible, US Coast Guard says | CNN

Editor’s Note: Find the latest coverage here. CNN  —  “Presumed human remains” were among the debris and evidence recovered from the seafloor where the doomed Titan submersible’s remnants were found, the US Coast Guard said Wednesday. The remains were recovered “within the wreckage” of the submersible, the Coast Guard said in a news release – […]

Extreme temperatures killed at least 112 people in Mexico since March | CNN

CNN  —  At least 112 people have died in Mexico as a result of “natural extreme temperatures” since March, according to the country’s health secretariat. The Mexican state of Nuevo León was hardest hit, with 64 deaths confirmed, according to the report. Dozens of deaths were also reported across Tamaulipas, Veracruz, Tabasco, Oaxaca, Quintana Roo, […]

April 18, 2023 – Russia-Ukraine news

This screengrab shows two Russians claiming to be former Wagner commanders. ( A Russian man who said he had killed children and other civilians while serving with the Wagner private military company in Ukraine appears to have recanted the claim, suggesting he was blackmailed into making it. Azamat Uldarov, a former convict, made his retraction in a […]

Missing children found after 40 days in Amazon survived like ‘children of the jungle,’ Colombian president says | CNN

CNN  —  Four young children have been found alive after more than a month wandering the Amazon where they survived like “children of the jungle,” according to Colombian President Gustavo Petro. “Their learning from indigenous families and their learning of living in the jungle has saved them,” Petro told reporters on Friday, after announcing on […]

Canadian wildfire smoke reaches Europe as Canada reports its worst fire season on record | CNN

CNN  —  Canada has officially marked its worst wildfire season on record, with smoke from the blazes crossing the Atlantic Ocean and reaching western Europe on Monday. Canada has had a dramatic start to wildfire season, with at least 18,688,691 acres already charred across the country. Wildfire activity in Canada typically peaks from June to […]

Guatemala will vote for new president but critics say many anti-corruption candidates were weeded out | CNN

CNN  —  Guatemalans head to the polls on June 25 to pick a new president, as regional watchers warn of a downward spiral of kleptocracy and weakening rule of law in Central America’s most populous nation. Social democrat Sandra Torres, the right-wing Zury Ríos and center-right Edmont Mulet lead the pack of more than 20 […]

Putting salt in tap water and drilling wells in parks: one country’s desperate quest to avoid running dry | CNN

CNN  —  Uruguay, grappling with a multi-year drought and high temperatures, is running dry. The situation has become so bad that residents are being forced to drink salty tap water and workers are drilling wells in the center of the capital to reach the water beneath the ground. On Monday, President Luis Lacalle Pou declared […]

Voice recordings and data from the mother ship that carried the Titan submersible before it imploded will be examined, investigators say | CNN

CNN  —  One week after the Titan submersible started what became a catastrophic underwater voyage to the Titanic wreckage – killing all five people aboard – US officials laid out their next steps in investigating the disaster. The US Coast Guard announced Sunday it convened a Marine Board of Investigation to probe the implosion – […]

‘That could’ve been us,’ say father and son who pulled out of doomed Titan trip out of safety concerns | CNN

CNN  —  A father and son gave up their seats on the ultimately doomed Titan submersible out of safety concerns just weeks before its catastrophic implosion, they have told CNN. Investor Jay Bloom and his son Sean said they were both worried about the submersible and its ability to travel deep into the ocean ahead […]